Our Story

FUTAMI was born in 2008. Taken from Japanese words joint together,
our name represents the lively culture of young and dynamic environment we live in today. Inspired by the Japanese culture of drinking tea, which is one of the main ingredient in their diet that plays a big role in their longer life expectancy, our first drink creation is tea based. We have been experimenting from the start to come up with delicious drinks that also offers health alternatives to consumers.

The rule is simple. We make stuff we'd want to drink ourselves. Our approach of creating delicious products with natural ingredients is our strong point. We make sure our products taste delicious and health beneficial. We do not compromise on ingredients and we do not cut corners on the quality of our products.

Our founders believe in adding values to our lives, by living healthy thru the products we consume,
just like the Japanese do. Futami believes that life is more interesting when we
Drink Delicious and Live Healthy!